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Message from the Board

Dear Timberwood of Naples Community,

Since Hurricane Irma, the Board of Directors as well as many community supporters, have spent countless hours and efforts volunteering their time scheduling, meeting and coordinating restoration and recovery for Timberwood.

It's very important to note that Hurricane Irma has impacted the entire region and state. Available progress and updates on scheduling and recovery, impacts everyone and will require all of us to have significant patience.

Below are important recent updates regarding Timberwood recovery.

Board Members today spent hours with insurance adjusters from Tower Hill inspecting and surveying each and every car port for structural integrity, in addition to fence and all other community common space damage.

This is an important first step completed. We will continue to reach out and meet with general contractors and subject matter experts as we await further information. There is no timeline for completion of adjuster information or progress to begin, this again will require significant patience by all of us.

We have yet to receive any update, correspondence and/or timeline to our unit, building and structure insurance adjusters. In the name of transparency, our claim was submitted Tuesday, September 12. This is another important first step completed. Multiple requests for updates have occurred and will continue. Please understand this will require significant patience as we await further updates and information from our insurance carriers for Timberwood.

Other first steps underway & in process include tarping to prevent further exterior unit damage as well as landscape and debris removal. Tree trimmers and further debris removal have also been contacted and awaiting schedule updates.

Lastly, an unexpected update relative to the Timberwood Board of Directors.

Effective immediately, Bonnie Epperly-Trudel has given notice and resigned as President from the Timberwood Board of Directors.

We ask you respect Bonnie's privacy in this her personal decision.

The Board of Directors has already begun to evaluate her replacement according to the bylaws and documents of our Community.

Your Board of Directors remains hard at work for our Community. We move forward with confidence and as neighbors, we will continue to ask for your community support and feedback as work for recovery continues in Timberwood.

And again, one final time, thank you for your patience as we look to restore our community.


Timberwood Board of Directors

Matthew, Georgia, Jennifer and Omar

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