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Board Meeting JAN 22

Dear Timberwood Residents: I’m writing to you not only to announce the board will be having a meeting JANUARY 22, 2018 at 7 PM at the Pool Clubhouse, but also to let you know that Omar Gabela has resigned from the board as he has moved to a new home with his family and will be renting his unit here. We are so grateful to Omar for his service to the community even during his transition with buying a new home and moving. He has been a great neighbor for me personally and we are sad to see him go. All the best, Michelle McCormick AGENDA 1) Approve the minutes from the budget meeting. 2) Entering into the minutes the approval that was provided for owner and renter applications. 3) Entering into the minutes the approval that was provided for requests for modification. New Business: 1) Organizational Changes 2) Lawn Company Contract 3) Property Management Company 4) Provide additional info on the structural engineer and insurance company adjuster inspections starting Jan 24-26.

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